Quality Criteria

The below criteria might serve a critical framework to reflect and review data comics. The criteria emerge from recent workshops with students and artists. Suggestions welcome.


  • Does the story has a compelling start, end and conclusion?
  • Does the story contains facts and insights form the data?
  • Does the story lead through the data, creating tension and motivates to read on?
  • Does the story explain enough context about the data?


  • Does the comic use data visualizations to communicate data?
  • Are the visualizations appropriate for data and message?
  • Are the visualizations explained and understandable?
  • Are the visualizations clear und readable?
  • Are the visualizations used for explaining the data?


  • Are the take-home messages clear?
  • Is the overall presentation clear, appropriate and understandable?
  • Is the text flowing well and complementing the picture?
  • Is the reading order clear and appropriate?
  • Does the comic effectively use visualizations to communicate?
  • Is the overall tone appropriate for the targeted audience?


  • Is the comic using an engaging style and tone?