Illustration Workshop

This workshop was part of an assignment in 3rd-year Illustration students at the Edinburgh College of Art, the University of Edinburgh in October 2018.


The design for this workshop was informed by two preceding workshops on data comics at the University of Edinburgh. Both workshops borrowed methodology from several related workshops.

We found the provided data was well appreciated but required significant time to wrap one’s head around it (C1). We also found that participants had problems creating compelling stories and wanted more guidance on this (C2). Though we conducted a visualization sketching session at the beginning, participants new to visualizations still had some troubles using purposeful visualizations in their stories (C3). Designing compelling layouts that reflect the story-flow was not covered enough through the design patterns (C4).



A3-size paper, sketch pen, sticky posts

Data Cards, Scenario Cards, Data comics design Patterns

Fast Forward Session (slides):

    1. Introduction of data, messages and visualization (30min)
    1. Introduction to data comics (20min)
    1. Sketching (30min)
    2. Breaking (10min)
    1. Creating a data story (40min)
    1. Storyboard sketch (20min)
  1. Exhibition and presentation (10min)

Working with own data (slides):

    1. Introduction of RAWGraph (10min)
    2. Story creating (140min) with 10min break
  1. Walk-through crit (5min)


Hazel Laing.jpg

by Hazel Laing

Heidi Tamminen - Mass Extinctions 2Heidi Tamminen - Mass Extinctions 1

by Heidi Tamminen

Geraldine Sawyert.jpg

by Geraldine Sawyert

Emily Lowes-1Emily Lowes-2Emily Lowes-3

by Emily Lowes


By Kat Cassidy

Luojia Cheng - China National Day Holiday.jpg

By Luojia Cheng

PDF  final comic data.jpgPDF  final comic data.jpg

By ?

Sherry Ye.jpg

By Sherry Ye

Paula data women.jpg

By PaulaRory Lee.jpg

By Rory Lee